Parafango Wrap


Parafango Wrap

Parafango Body Wrap

Want to lose inches without pains of surgery? Introducing an effective way to remove cellulite and a good treatment to recondition your skin.

Get ready to reshape and re-contour your silhouette with Parafango Wrap.

The Treatment

First, Cremfoliant is worked into your skin to increase circulation, gently remove dead skin cells and target problem areas. This treatment is enhanced as Apricot seed powder is added to exfoliate. The next stage is a relaxing massage using an ampoule serum--Aminocel for cellulite and Aminodren, which promotes inch loss

Next, a thick layer of warm, hydrating Parafango paraffin is brushed over your body as you relax for 15 minutes, enveloped in a heated blanket. Finally, the wrap is peeled back to reveal a sleeker, slimmer you.

Additional Benefits

Parafango wrap relieves fibromyalgia, swollen legs, varicose veins and joint pain, softens stretch marks, promotes circulation and to detoxifies and tone the skin. It is considered safe for diabetics.

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NOTE: Please refrain from shaving 24 hours prior to treatment